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My Gear

Welcome to My Gear...some instruments are "Vintage" some are "not-so-vintage". I hope you enjoy the pictures...

1998 Martin SPDC-16R...I waited on lots of tables for this one! By far my favorite...

1943 Martin S-2 Ukulele...not bad for 66 years old!

1982 Guild D212-NT...Made in Rhode Island...Pre-CBS Fender O'Course! Sounds like a carnival!

1996 Fender Stratocaster...Made in the USA...Sounds great through a '65 Reissue Fender Super Reverb! Wakes up my entire town!

1964 Gretsch Tennessean!George wanted to borrow mine when his fell out of the back of the limo, so I let him! Needs a little work, but it is awsome!

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