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My Trip To The Factory

What a long strange trip it has seriously folks, if you love music, craftsmanship, and good ol'American traditions, I suggest a tour of the Martin Guitar Factory! It's a free show, and the people working there love their jobs. If you're like me, you'll want them all; I am privileged to own two Martin stringed instruments of which I love! The Ukulele in the pictures was my Grandfather's; it is a 1943 S-2 Uke. I thought for years it was broken, little did I know that a simple twist of a screwdriver would change that forever! They fixed it for free, and said, "don't worry about playing it, just change the case! Everyone wanted to see it, and some even played it...including Chris F. Martin IV!

Click on the Guitar to take you to the Official Virtual Tour offered by The Martin Guitar Factory

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